​Fuel for Tomorrow's Technology

Speed 97 offers an exciting drive, as it makes your vehicle engine platform at it's best. Speed 97 is designed to reduce the knocking  with more power. It delivers improved responsiveness for modern high-end luxury cars while lowering the emissions as well.


​Younger Engine, Lively Car

The Multi-Functional Additives (MFAs) in Speed 97 not only remove existing harmful deposits in the engine but also prevent formation of new deposits, which makes an engine work to its peak performance at all times. ​It's time to let your engine return back to its youth.


Better Driving Experience

Speed 97 is innovated to remove harmfull deposits from vital engine parts, optimizing your vehicles engine performance by reducing engine knocking and increasing acceleration.


Lower Emissions, ​Greener Drive

Speed 97 puts to rest alarming concerns over vehicular pollution by lowering the emission levels and protecting the environment. Be proud that you drive green.


​Highest Octane rating in India

Your high-end cars be it sports or luxury, both have high compression engines that normal octane petrol cannot support. Normal octane petrol ignites sooner that the piston could be fully compressed. It leads to knocking and loss of power, reducing responsiveness of your car. Speed 97, with its higher octane rating delays the ignition of fuel-air mixture, giving you a smooth driving experience, which your high-end car is capable of delivering to you.